Hosting a database driven Website

Hosting a data base driven website on a Cpanel hosting as offered by Host Pro is simple.

They only difference between hosting a non-database driven website and website driven website is that a database driven website require database set up and upload.


Setting up database for a website, during web hosting


Login to your Cpanel using credentials provided by Host Pro.

Basically mean clicking on the Cpanel url or http://www.serveripaddress/~yourusername/cpanel

Input your username

Input your password


On successful login, proceed to click mysql databases icon in the Cpanel

Creating a database

Under create database

Give your database a name

Click create database

Database name will therefore be your username_newnameyouhavegiven


Adding User to a new database

Online databases do not use the root user as default on localhost (local development phpmyadmin)


Under add new user

Indicate username

Username should have fewer than 7 characters

Input a desired database password

I recommend to use password creator to have a strong password.

At this point make sure you have saved your database name, your database username and your database password in a text file for use in your website.



Adding user to your database


Under Add a User to a Database

Selected the user you have created

Select your database

Click Add to add

It prompts you for roles to issue you database user

You may select all

Then presses add to finalize.



Uploading Database

Make sure you have exported your database from your localhost (local development environment) to a .sql file or .zip file if you are dealing with large database.


From your Cpanel Home

Click on phpmyAdmin icon

It will open in a new tab

Choose the database created earlier from the left side panel

Click on the database

Click on import option

Browse the location of your exported database

Select database file to import

On Successful import – you will have uploaded your database


Upload the files in the normal way as illustrated in the upload of non-database driven website tutorial

Ensure database connection or config files of your website reflect the new database name, new database user, new database password

Server should remain localhost unless advised otherwise by Host Pro team.


Bingo – you are live now.

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